lauantai 24. lokakuuta 2020

Back to painting!

It was great to have an exhibition again! It was of course weird in these weird times as well. There was no exhibition opening like usually because of covid-19. For me this exhibition was however a great motivation to get back to painting. I've had an almost 3 years break in painting. 

When my daughter was born I was very inspired to do paintings' and I created some of my best work. When she grew up a bit more life became however so busy that I rather started to do drawings than paintings. Paintings make a mess and take several hours. Drawings are much easier and less messy. You can work on a drawing for 30min and put it aside and continue later. 

So due to the busy life with my wonderful daughter my paintings have been a bit on a break. Now she is however bigger and we can even paint together. She often does her drawings or own little paintings while I am painting :)

Thank you everybody who came to the exhibition and I'm very happy that some of my work found a new home! Thank you once again Galleria Fogga! See upcoming exhibitions at: