lauantai 19. toukokuuta 2012

Thuvia, Maid of Mars - A Frazetta Copy

My newest painting is a copy of a Frank Frazetta painting. I have been a fan of Frank Frazettas work since I was a 12. "Thuvia, Maid of Mars" is one of my favorit paintings of Frazetta. I started this rather ambitious project of doing a copy of his work a while ago. Very early on I discovered with this painting that it's impossible to copy Frazettas style... so I did a pretty "loose" copy.  I like doing copies like this once in a while. It's a way to educate yourself with art. While doing this painting I learned so much like doing a more complex composition, painting with more colours than I do in my usual work...just all kind of things :) painting a "tiger", a muscular man, planets and palm trees ;)

I had some spare frames at home for this painting. They match the painting perfectly! :)
(I always keep an eye for bargain frames in flee markets, art stores and antique stores...)

Thuvia, Maid of Mars copy (60cm x 80cm, acrylic paint on canvas, year created: 2012)