maanantai 30. joulukuuta 2013

Year 2013

New year always makes me thoughtful and I look back what I've done and what has happened around me. Here are some highlights this year:
- Me and Asko got engaged last summer :)
(you might have noticed that at some point I started calling Asko my fianc
é in my blog)
- I was the maid of honor to my best friend Ulla 
- I sold my first apartment (without a real estate agent!) and now we have a new beautiful almost twice as big home :) For the first time I have my own ateljee now!
- My artwork got published in an artbook!

Those are perhaps the biggest things this year :)
Here are some other things:
I became aunt to 3 kids (identical twin boys included), I did my first ever canoo trip, had my first ever dance gig in a bar (bellydance),
I started a new hobby of photographing insects (and abandoned houses), I had a small art gallery and got lots of wonderful feedback, I had some very nice vacations in Estonia and Germany and and and...

The more you think about the the more things come up that have happened last year. These were just a few in my life. Happy New Year!

lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

a few black and white photos

I was browsing through some stuff on my PC and encountered these. A few photos I've taken of Asko. See, I can sort of take pictures too! I like to be in front of the camera aaand behind the camera ;)