lauantai 30. maaliskuuta 2013

Renewed website 2013

I just renewed my website. I used Twitter Bootstrap to make it. Earlier I had a Flash website, but that was not very user friendly, so I decided to renew the whole thing. During moments like this it's good to be a bit of a geek ;)

Now I can focus on painting again :) Happy Easter!

keskiviikko 27. maaliskuuta 2013

Stencil painting 3

Here is the third stencil painting I did. The model for this one is the beautiful Cherry Dee Licious. Cherry is quite the multipersona; she is a burlesque dancer, graphic designer, harbour worker, fashion blogger (Freelancer's Fashion Blog), mother and so much more! I really enjoy reading her creative blog :)

You can see here the reference image for this painting. I'm quite happy how the painting turned out. I wanted to get a sort of "slavic" look to this painting and I think I managed to paint my vision.

Cherry Stencil (Stencil 3):
40cm x 40cm, acrylic paint on canvas, year created: 2013, model: Cherry Dee Licious

keskiviikko 20. maaliskuuta 2013

Tallinn birthday trip

I just recently had birthday and me and my friends went to celebrate my birthday to lovely Tallinn. I just love Estonia and Tallinn, it's always a pleasure to go there. The country has so much beauty and history that's visible everywhere. I especially like the old town of Tallinn. Below are some silly tourist pics.

A few things I would recommend in Tallinn. I like to eat at and I love to shop at A.G.A.N.

maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2013

Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project

I participated in this art book project called "Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project". This week I got the book in the mail and I'm so happy to see it :)
This is the first time my art has been published and it's a dream come true for me :) It makes me happy and proud to look at the book. Despite obvious subjective reasons I really like the book. I'm crazy about art books anyway and love to buy all kind of collection picture books. So many thanks for Jinxi Caddel for the wonderful work!

I sincerly hope I get to publish more of my work in the future. This makes me kind of greedy for more ;) 

The book is available at:
(the book is also available at and 

maanantai 4. maaliskuuta 2013

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013

What a weekend! Me and Asko went to the glittery Helsinki Burlesque Festival. Such a mindblowing event! It was a blast to see so many various acts! :) 
I really love watching burlesque, the audience can get so much involved as well; shouting,screaming and whistling. It's like being in a sport audience but much better ;)

Below are some pics from the festival. Obviously I had to get a photo together with the beautiful stars :) I was especially happy about meeting Dirty Martini. Can't believe I finally saw her amazing "Love America" act live!

Before the actual event I participated also in workshops of Angie Pontani and Dirty Martini. Asko had a photo project before the festival with the "Savage Girls" and you can see here some posters.

Everything about the event in general:
oh, and here is a small video (in finnish) about the event:

Me and the amazing Dirty Martini

Me and Angie Pontani on the left and on the right it's Xarah von den Vielenregen

These amazing festival photos are by Tuomas Lairila. See more at: