perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013


I don't know for how long I've been photographing sunsets. I don't consider it as my's just that I try to catch the moment. Every sunset is different and beautiful. Here are a few from this summer :) I've been thinking of painting a sunset landscape...but then again, is it too cliché?

maanantai 19. elokuuta 2013

Alice Terry drawing

Here's another drawing I haven't posted before. The model is Alice Terry, a famous actress from silent movies. Again I'm thinking that I should do more drawings and small studies like this...

sunnuntai 11. elokuuta 2013

The moon drawing

Today, while cleaning, I found this drawing. I love the art of Alphonse Mucha and this is a copy of his painting "The moon". It's interesting to find something you forgot and apart from that it's even a nice drawing. I definitly need to do more drawings again! I've been telling that to myself a while now ;)

Maybe one day I get to see the Mucha museum. I've seen his work in exhibitions but I definitely want to visit the museum in Prague one day!


torstai 1. elokuuta 2013

The boy and the rabbit

Here are some photos of a handsome man. These are real vintage photos and actually the "model" is my dad. My dad said he found the rabbit trapped on potatoe field (?). He then kept it for the summer and when the rabbit was grown he set the rabbit free in the forest.The photographer of these pics is my aunts husband Martti Niskanen. If I recall this right my dad is 17 in these photos.