torstai 10. marraskuuta 2011

new painting nymph

I did this new painting "nymph" (acrylic paint and colored pencil on wood). 
Painting size is about 75cm x 65cm.

tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2011

Logo design for a music school

I recently took up a nice little logo project. The client was a music school from a nearby town called Karkkila (english translation is actually somewhat "candy town"). I started having cute images in my head the moment I heard about the project. A music logo for "candy town", how nice is that? I had candy shaped logos in my mind...but those were a bit too silly to actually do...

My approach was to have some musical symbols for the logo...notes and/or instruments. Although I had abandoned the candy shapes I chose pink for the colour. I dared to do so, because the logo of Karkkila is pink too. that made sense.

I made the guitar logo and the note logos first. The client liked the guitar logo, but that could not be chosen because it represent one form of music too much. What about the piano players and other musicians? A pure music note was already more it, but still too boring.

So, then I was thinking of some universal symbols that represents music in all forms. I came up with the idea of a bird. I kind of fell in love with the bird logo myself (never fall in love with your own ideas, let the client decide!!!). Sadly the client saw too much of a birdwatcher in it, so we had to skip the bird....

The color changed from pink to blue. The logo was supposed to be printed on T-shirts, so it had to be neutral and not too girly. 
A one coloured logo seemed a bit plain to me so I used an additional lighter blue for the logo.

After some brainstorming with the client we abandoned the bird logo for good and eventually the final logo turned out to be this "love for music" logo.
I'm happy with the end results, it's not pink but it's still cute, but not in a too girly way. The "love for music" logo suits a small town music school perfectly ;)

 Kamuko - Karkkilan musiikkikoulu