lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

London weekend

A while ago I went for the first time in my live to London.
We had a pretty brief long weekend visit. It was spring in London and beautiful weather and I definitly need to go there sometime again.

I had prepared myself to London a bit by watching all seasons of Tudors :D I know, I's not 100% accurate but I still liked it.
I especially absolutely adore the actress Natalie Dormer, who so well played Ann Boylean.
So below you see a pic of me before the the Tower of London :)
I've also been reading Peter Ackroyds history of England...I wanted to read it before the trip but I've still got some chapters to go. I'm usually a fast reader but lately I've been busy and distracted by many things.

I definitly want to visit London someday again! A few days just wasn't enough.

All in all...I'm inspired by London :)