tiistai 10. heinäkuuta 2012

Spiders and castles

Last week we did a little roadtrip to Estonia. We visited the cities Tallinn, Kuressaare and Haapsalu. I will be posting more photos later but here are a few very gloomy photos to start with (although actually our trip was extremly sunny and happy).

As a child when I lived in Germany I used to collect  spiders. I used to search the nearby area for the biggest orb weaver spiders (European garden spider: link ). If I didn't have a bucket with me I used to carry the spiders home in my fists. When I look back as an adult to my childhood hobby I have to shudder a bit. Spiders still fascinate me but they also give me unpleasant goosebumps.

Anyway...here is a little photo series called "spiders and castles". We visited the castle area in Kuressaare (Kuressaare castle: link ) at night and there were a lot of orb weaver spiders on a bridge. I took these pics with my mobile phone. I was so fascinated by all the spiders that my travel companions eventually had to drag me away from them ;) Apparently nobody else liked the spiders as much as I did :D