maanantai 8. tammikuuta 2018

Norway, Lofoten islands - travelling with baby

Me and my partner Asko travelled to the beautiful Lofoten islands in Norway in 2016 . We loved it so much, that in 2017 we wanted to go again to Lofoten! This time we just had a 2 month old baby along with us. Many people told us that it would be awful and impossible to travel with a baby. But we did travel together and everything went well :) did we have difficulties? Yes we did, but in fact the whole trip just gave us more confidence as a parents, so it was definitly worth it!

This year we had a borrowed caravan car (Fiat globescout) from Askos parents. It was luxury compared to our vacation in 2016, when we slept in the car trunk. But with all the baby stuff etc. we were pretty squeezed on our 2 week trip ;) this year with the baby we couldn't drive that much a day and we were pretty much twice as slow as the previous year. Also instead of sleeping somewhere on the road, we went several times to camping areas. Pretty much every other night on the road and every other night on a camping area. The camping areas are pretty cheap in Norway. Something like 25€ which is even cheaper than the average camping area in Finland! So when people complain about Norway being expensive, it's certainly not everything.

If you have any questions about travelling to Lofoten, you can drop me a line :) I might know a thing or two ;)