tiistai 26. joulukuuta 2017

Low budget Norway vacation - Lofoten islands

This summer and last summer me and my spouse have had the same holiday destination. The beautiful Lofoten islands in Norway.

On our trip in 2016 we had little money, but we still wanted to go (although Norway is expensive...but so is Finland anyway!). We drove to Norway with our 15 year old Volvo and had mattresses in the trunk. No shower, just gas station toilets and each night we just slept in the car somewhere on the road (we did seek beautiful locations everytime though!). Since we had so little money we just ate junk food...mainly we cooked noodles and pasta that we had purchased in Finland already. We had a small transportable fridge for milk and snacks. The only thing we spent money on was a whale safari. We saw a sperm whale and it was a dream come true for both of us :)
And I must say, this was the best vacation I ever had :)

Below are some pics. 
If you have any questions about travelling to Norway, send me email. I've been approached before by people asking me about Estonia (since I've traveled there a lot and written about it here in my blog).