lauantai 8. helmikuuta 2014

Red stencil

Here's a new stencil painting I did a while ago. 

My stencil paintings take strong influence from street art. I love the rough surface of aging walls and I’ve created the backgrounds of my stencil paintings to be uneven and rough, distinctivly resembling those rough old graffiti filled walls. On top of the abstract painting I then place a portrait. Painting portraits is something that I’ve done for over 10 years and this time I combined it with my passion for graphic design. I try to minimize the facial features into a logo style image. Even a minimalistic portrait can express a lot of a persons inner emotions. 

I did the first stencil image in 2004 and last year I started to do a series of similar paintings. Who knows how many more I'll do in the future ;)

Red stencil (50x70 cm, acrylic paint on carboard, year created: 2014)