torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

Swan princess

Last year there was an exhibition in Helsinki with russian art from the Tretjakov art gallery (link). I really liked most of the artwork and I decided to make a copy of one of the paintings. I chose the beautiful Swan Princess by Mihail Vrubel. Vrubel has a very special painting style and his "unfinished touch" is quite impossible to copy. As I tend to do with my copies this copy turned out pretty "loose". With that I mean that it's not a 100% copy of the's something similar and I try to learn something from the other artist brush stroke methods, composition and colour use.

I don't regard my copied work as high as my other art, but I love doing copies since it's such a learning experience. It's a common art teaching method that's been used for centuries. Unfortunately it's not possible for me to sit next to the original painting and copy from tha, so what I usually do is that I buy a poster of the artwork. Throughout the painting  process I have the poster next to me. Sometimes I look very closely to the "original" and sometimes hardly at all and I add my own thing to the painting.

Some of my earlier copies are:
Frank Frazetta - Thuvia maid of mars:

Alphonse Mucha - The moon

Gustav Klimt - Mäda Primavesi

Below is my version of the swan princess. The beautiful original you can see for example here:

In honor to the artist Mihail Vrabol I also added a photo of the artist.
Next to him is his wife Nadeshda who was a famous opera singer in her time and it is assumed that she is the model for the swan princess.  

Swan princess - Copy of a Mihail Vrubel painting
(50cm x 70cm, acrylic paint on canvas, year created: 2014)

Mihail Aleksandrovitš Vrubel &

Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel