perjantai 11. lokakuuta 2013

Banksy graffiti

The other day I happened to watch the Banksy movie "Exit through the gift shop". Honestly it was one of the best art documentaries I've seen! At first I felt like I want to do some street art right away myself! Then by the end of the movie I felt like I don't want to do any art at all anymore... Real or not real? I don't care, it's just an entertaining funny documentary that also makes you think a lot about about the essence of art. 

Street art has never been my thing, but early 2000 when I studied graphic design in Hamburg, many of my friends were doing it and I was always happy to walk around the city and observe my friends art here and there. In Finland there is surprisingly little street art. I don't think any country has so little street art :( ...but there is some even here, and it always cheers me up if I see something that's skillfully done.

Below is a Banksy graffiti I photographed about a year ago in Hamburg (Karo Viertel). From what I've read the last intact Banksy graffiti in Hamburg was covered with acrylics (link to German article).

Apparently now the graffitti above is already covered up. See a newer photo here. Damn! >:-(