tiistai 10. syyskuuta 2013

Dr.Sketchy - (S)He's Got The Look

Here are some pics of the latest Dr Sketchy event I went to. The theme was He/She's got the look and the model was the fabulous Lola Vanilla/Bent van der Bleu. I had a great time drawing! Me and my glass of wine had so much fun! My drawings didn't turn out much, but I leave the blood, sweat and tears at home and just enjoyed the moment and the very talented model. 

I would greatly advice Dr. Sketchy events to anybody who likes to draw! These events are taking place pretty much all over the world, so seek the one closest to you! :)

Lola Vanilla/Bent van der Bleu - photo by Tuukka Ahonen
Drawing and drinking
photo by Tuukka Ahonen
The hot hosts: Tinker Bell, Pepper Mint and Jackie O´Lantern -
photo by Tuukka Ahonen