tiistai 9. heinäkuuta 2013

Abandoned places in Estonia

For some reason I have an affection for abandoned places. Collpasing old beautiful buildings are beautiful and sad at the same time. There a re a lot of these abandoned places in the Baltic countries. Here are two buildings I recently spotted in Estonia. The first one is the Kuri Taevassemineku and the second building is the Ungru Loss.

I found the orthodox church Kuri Taevassemineku especially striking with those trees groving from it. Althought it's just a ruined building I see this place as something surreal and magical. Kind of reminds me in an odd way of Miyazaki movies. The field around the building was filled with butterflies and dragonflies. I also photographed som of those little fellows :) I'll post pics of them later.

Here is some info about the Kuri Taevassemineku and other churches in Hiiumaa: http://www.hiiumaa.ee/page/general/171&g=67&gr=12
and here is some info about the Ungru loss: http://www.mois.ee/english/laane/ungru.shtml

Ungru loss before