perjantai 21. kesäkuuta 2013

Rope photo

Recently I had a nice project with rope artist and photographer Tinttu Henttonen. Tinttu is a famous rope artist in Finland. She has had a 3 year training in Japan for the art form.Tinttu has seeked out various Japanese bondage masters and had training with them, since obviously such a thing as a bondage school does not exist. Bondage is usually considered a bit of a "dirty" art form. When you think of people in ropes, you think of fetish and hostages. Tinttu uses her art in many different ways: In her photos the ropes are often fashionable accessories with the symbolism that we are all "tied up" to something in life. In her rope artist career Tinttu has worked for several fashion shows and other commercial projects. Among others she has done a unique rope outfit for Lady Gaga together with shoe designer Minna Parikka.

Below is the wonderful result of my photoshoot with Tinttu. I was  a bit afraid of getting tied up for a photo, but in Tinttus knowing hands I felt completely relaxed even though we were in a park with several people around. I had a lot of fun working with Tinttu and felt that we are similar creative minds on this planet :)

photo by Tinttu Henttonen