maanantai 4. maaliskuuta 2013

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013

What a weekend! Me and Asko went to the glittery Helsinki Burlesque Festival. Such a mindblowing event! It was a blast to see so many various acts! :) 
I really love watching burlesque, the audience can get so much involved as well; shouting,screaming and whistling. It's like being in a sport audience but much better ;)

Below are some pics from the festival. Obviously I had to get a photo together with the beautiful stars :) I was especially happy about meeting Dirty Martini. Can't believe I finally saw her amazing "Love America" act live!

Before the actual event I participated also in workshops of Angie Pontani and Dirty Martini. Asko had a photo project before the festival with the "Savage Girls" and you can see here some posters.

Everything about the event in general:
oh, and here is a small video (in finnish) about the event:

Me and the amazing Dirty Martini

Me and Angie Pontani on the left and on the right it's Xarah von den Vielenregen

These amazing festival photos are by Tuomas Lairila. See more at: