maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

Harilaid lighthouse

I mentioned earlier here about our trip to Estonia last summer. Well, I still haven't posted pictures from my favorite place that we discovered :) 

We went to see the abandoned lighthouse at Harilaid. The lighthouse is known as "Harilaid lighthouse" or "Kiipsaar Lighthouse" and it was built in 1933 just 25 meters from the coastline. Originally the lighthouse was painted black and white. Nowadays the lighthouse is abandoned and it is known as the Pisa tower of Estonia. 

The lighthouse is about 5km away from the nearest road and we had to walk all the way there...which was very enjoyable because the island of Harilaid is really beautiful :) The flora of the peninsula represents 261 species of flowering plants and vascular cryptogams (in general I got the impression that Estonia seems to be full of flowers). The island is geographically very young; it arose from the sea as an island 1000-2000 years ago.

Below are some pictures that Asko took at the lighthouse. I dragged a pretty dress along with me to pose a bit for photos. Because as you know photography is about location, location location ;)

 Below is a museum image of the lighthouse. I also found some interesting travel blog which shows different states of the lighthouse of how it's slowly disappearing into the sea.