sunnuntai 19. helmikuuta 2012

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012

Last week was a Burlesque week for me. The annual Burlesque festival took place in Helsinki. Helsinki Burlesque started out in 2007 when Bettie Blackheart, Kiki Hawaiji and Frank Doggenstein decided to bring Burlesque into Helsinki Finland. In the past years I've somehow always missed the festival and this time I wanted to experience the festival to the full. Therefore I took part to some of the festival workshops. I participated in the workshop of Sydni Deveraux- The Golden Glamazon “Strutting in Heels and Rhythm and Walking". I was quite intimidated by the fact that the other workshops members were mostly finnish Burlesque girls but eventually I just tried to do my best and forget my nervousness. Sydnis workshop was so great and I had so much fun that I had to go to further workshops.

Next workshop I attended was the one by the reigning Queen of Burlesque Miss Indigo Blue. Her workshop “The Art of The Tease” was a great experience. I've been to different dance classes in my life (Oriental Dance, Latin Show Dance, Dance Hall Reggae, Modern Dance etc. ) and no teacher has ever taught anything about face expression. Indigo taught us a lot about how to use different face expressions while performing and she also taught us all a few very nice tricks with a feather boa and how to strip gloves. 

This years the Burlesque show  with the theme " Over The Rainbow" was a two night event. I couldn't make it to both shows so I went to see the show on Saturday. It was amazing from beginning to end! I've mostly seen Burlesque in Hamburg at the lovely bar Queen Calavera, which is a small and cosy place, so it was different to see Burlesque on a big stage. The variety of shows was great. There were performers from different countries and there were humorous and classy performances and even performances by men. I couldn't possibly describe it all...but what I can do is recommend it to everybody! :D So go see it next year if you can! To all  people who are dancers and performers (and just anybody who likes Burlesque) I would highly recommend the workshops as well! :)

Below are a few photos of the event. Of course I was early enough at the festival and had first row seats :) but unfortunately my phone camera does not take very good photos :( 
But you can always buy great photos. I bought a nice lemon print of Miss Indigo Blue at the workshop and got it signed :) After the Saturday Burlesque show I also got a print of the legendary Satan's Angel and I got it signed too :) I even got a kiss on the cheek from her :) What a lovely grand dame of Burlesque!

Here is a link to a video about the event: