torstai 6. maaliskuuta 2014

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2014 (Tropical Tornado)

Last weekend was my third year at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival. This years theme was "Tropical Tornado" and the event was even more colourful than normally. Is that even possible?

I really enjoyed the shows, and you can see a glimps of the event in this clip. I also went to workshops of Kitten de Ville to learn some Bump'n'Grind burlesque and then I also went to the "Perlesque" workshop of Perle Noire. So last week I learned a lot about stage presence and I learned some new dance moves and I saw some inspiring creative people on stage.

My previous years "reports": HBF'13 and HBF'12

Me and Kitten de Ville after the workshop

Partytime photo by Minka Lindfors. I'm somewhere among the bunnies, showgirls and wizards ^^

Asko and Scotty the Blue Bunny, me and amazing Perle Noire, The beautiful Ravishing Shangri La Rubies