tiistai 29. lokakuuta 2013

El Muerto make up

I recently got us some face paint and me and Asko started to play and practice with it right away. Painting your face isn't really that different from painting on canvas ... or well, turned out that I need more practice than Asko. Asko did this fabulous "El Muerto" make up ... I was more like an abstract painting, so I'm not going to show my photo :D

Anyway...I'm planning to do some sort of Mario Antoinette make up and also some sugar skull make up. I've been gathering the right accessoires for it. As I mentioned before, I can't really paint right now, since I'm moving (and my "ateljee" is not available now) so I occupy myself with other creative things, like using my face as a canvas :P  
...But these make up projects will probably lead to some painted art as well. For years I've wanted to do some sort of a "ice queen" painting; paint with shades of white....so I just practive with my face first. 

Oh, and by the way. Check out Askos blog here: askojonathan.blogspot.fi