torstai 24. toukokuuta 2012

Pin up workshop and burlesque

A while ago there was a nice Burlesque event in Finland called "SINsational spring awakening". It was great to see Burlesque again and I was especially happy to see lots of new acts by the finnish Burlesque performers. 

I was also very excited to see Koko La Douce from Switzerland. Her both acts were crazy creative. Koko is one of the performers from Queen Calavera in Hamburg. Queen Calavera was actually the place where I really "discovered" Burlesque and nowadays when I visit my previous hometwon Hamburg I go to Queen Calavera everytime :)

Another great performer of the evening was the fabulous Anna Fur Laxis from UK. As a huge fan of Bettie Page I was blown away by her wonderful "Viva Bettie" act. She also performed one of her other acts called "Memory of a Goldfish". How creative is it to make an act about a goldfish!

What's nice about these Burlesque events in Finland is that there are quite often workshops included. Next day, with a slight hangover I attended the "Pin up posing" workshop of Anna Fur Laxis. I wanted to attend the workshop since I do a lot of photoshoots with my photographer boyfriend Asko. But I also thought it might help me with my paintings. After all I mostly paint women and that way it kind of makes sense to know more about posing. 

It was very nice to hear tips and tricks and do's and dont's at the workshop. Asko told me that I posed much better after it so it definitly payed off :)  I'll soon post some new photos of our latest shoot.

Me and Anna Fur Laxis
Learning to pose. I try to make my legs look long here :)